Aim Small, Miss Small.

*I used working out as my example for resolutions- mainly because its a very common resolution. Your resolution my be to read 12 books in 12 months. Or to volunteer at a homeless shelter every month. Or to spend less time on social media. Or maybe you don’t have one. And that’s okay. Maybe you hate resolutions. But I’m willing to bet there is something you hope is different in 2017. Let me be the first to encourage you: go for it. Learn to save your money (“Never spend your 5s is my motto!). Go on Date Nights once a month. Tell your best friend about your suicidal thoughts. Ask for help with your newborn, colicky baby. Cut ties with that toxic relationship. Go to that counselor. Dye your hair pink. Get a tattoo (I have a guy if you need a Raleigh referral!). Read the Bible all the way through in a year (Need a reading plan so you know where to start? Click here.) Whatever you do (or don’t do), make sure that the result will be a healthy you. Physically, mentally, spiritually, relationally. You don’t have to benchpress a Buick to be healthy. 

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